21 Reasons To Visit Sydney, Australia

Have you ever thought about visiting down under? See kangaroos and koalas? For me, I have always wanted to live abroad, and had fell in love with Sydney when I first visited a few years ago. With the encouragement of friends and family, I finally went for it and moved half way across the globe! It seemed like the perfect place to go. I’ve visited before so it was familiar, Australia is an English country (except for the funny slang) and it’s quite easy as a Canadian to get a working/holiday visa. 

So far I have been living in Sydney for seven months and have loved every minute of it! I have composed a list of must see tourist attractions as well as any reasons why YOU should plan your next vacation to Sydney! 

  1. It’s not expensive to fly… really! You can seriously score a great deal to Australia. This of course is dependent on where you live. But if your flexible with your travel dates and consistently keep an eye out on prices you can definitely score a good deal. The two times I’ve flown to Sydney, I purchased round trip tickets for under $1000. Considering it’s so far to fly to Australia, that’s an amazing price comparable to Europe. 
  2. The summers are HOT! If you love the heat, you have to experience summer in Australia. 
  3. The beaches are beautiful! All the well known beaches such as Manly and Bondi beach are amazing to visit and walk around to spend the day, but I loved travelling to lesser known beaches. So serene and quiet! Clear blue water, warm sand and pretty scenery!
  4. You can learn to surf. Your in Australia, so why not? 
  5. Sydney is soooo big. I grew up in British Columbia, Canada, which is extremely minuscule compared to Sydney. I still have yet to explore every inch of Sydney. There are so many cute suburbs that are definitely worth checking out, so go outside of your comfort zone and away from the tourist hot spots! 
  6. You can walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A bit pricey for an attraction but 100% worth it and can you climb any other bridge? No. Well, maybe, but I haven’t researched this. But it is a great view of the opera house!
  7. Visit the iconic opera house of course! After a day spent at Darling Harbour, return to the opera house and enjoy an overpriced cocktail and view the sunset at the harbour. When I say overpriced, I really do mean ridiculously overpriced but worth it for one night! 
  8. Travelling within states is cheap. Visit the city of Melbourne for the nightlife or spend a weekend in tropical Cairns and tour the Great Barrier Reef! 
  9. Walk through The Rocks and Darling Harbour. Both districts are next to each other and is a day’s well spend walking around the shops and enjoying some great food. 
  10. Shop Australian designers. The cost of clothing from an Australian shop is a bit more expensive for my taste but your paying for quality. There are some great shops for any price range. Walk through the Queen Victoria Building in the heart of the city for a one stop shop and venture down to Pitt street mall. 
  11. The coffee. Australia doesn’t use filtered coffee so imagine an espresso beverage anywhere you go. For a coffee lover, being able to buy a latte for $3 is unbeatable.  
  12. See weird animals all over the place. I am still amazed at how many beautiful birds Sydney has. 
  13. Visit Taranga Zoo. By far the best zoo I have ever been too! A whole day should be planned here. 
  14. Visit and hike the Blue Mountains. Located a two hour drive west of Sydney. Hike the trails or just take in the picturesque canyon views from the lookout points or take a ride on the skyway to see the Three Sisters and canyons below. 
  15. Visit the Jenolan Caves. Another attraction to check out when visiting the Blue Mountains. Take a guided tour or a more adventurous tour that includes climbing, crawling and sliding to see different parts of the caves that wouldn’t be viewed with a basic tour. 
  16. Take a Sydney Harbour cruise. An amazing way to see the harbour! 
  17. Walk through the Botanic Gardens. Right within the city, take a break from the city hustle and tour the gardens with a great view of the bridge.
  18. Explore! If your an active person, you will love how many different hikes and places you can visit; there are too many to even list. A easy walk to do that is a must, is the Bondi to Coogee beach hike. 
  19. Swim under a waterfall. Carrington Heights features a 50 meter waterfall to swim under, as well as rock pools and cascades to explore. 
  20. Channel your inner hipster and walk through Newtown and check out the graffiti in the alleys known as May Lane’s, located beside St. Peter’s train station. Take some Instagram worthy shots with the cool graffiti. 
  21. Try Vegemite. A vitamin B rich spread made from leftover brewer’s yeast. Banned in the U.S and I have never seen it sold anywhere in Canada. It has a interesting taste, definitely not for everyone.

What to pack? Just make sure to pack or buy at the local shop a sunscreen of SPF 50 or higher, you’ll be thank me after you don’t burn! It also doesn’t hurt to bring an umbrella in case it does rain. Usually after a really hot week, naturally, there will be a downpour but it usually only lasts a few hours or during the night. Good walking shoes and beach apparel! Even if your coming in the fall, the weather is still so great, you’d would still be able to hit the beach during the day! 

Have I sold you on Sydney yet? Be sure to check out my Instagram will all my latest pics from Sydney and the beautiful beaches. Come on down mate and suss it out! (Now you will need to visit Australia to have an Aussie explain that to you)

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