Why your phone is hurting your fitness progress? Get the most out of your workout!

I find it so funny to see girls and guys at the gym laying on a mat, sitting on a bench or just standing and starring at their phones! What’s the point of being at the gym if you aren’t going to use your time there in the most efficient way? 
I wake up early around 5am everyday, and am on my feet for 12hrs a day (if not more!). The last thing I want to do, is spend any more than an hour MAX for my workout. So how do I get the most out of my workout? I avoid using my phone. 

Let’s put it in perspective. If you are in the middle of training arms, your heart rate will start to increase. You then take a rest between sets to play on your phone. Your heart rate slowly falls back down to your resting heart rate before starting your next set. 

To make the most out of your workout, you’d want to be maintaining your maximum heart rate, which could range anywhere from 150-180 BPM. (There are a ton of available sites with a quick google search to help you find your maximum heart rate). Your heart rate will start to decrease after 3-4 stationary minutes. Now think about how much time you spend on your phone at the gym; probably longer than a few minutes… maybe even 10! Once you restarted your set, you’ve already caught your breath and drastically decreased your heart rate. 

Maintaining your maximum heart rate for a minimum of 30 minutes a workout will make a huge difference in your strength and conditioning training. This will allow you to burn more calories and fat in a shorter period of time. Who wouldn’t want that? Especially if your goal is to get slim for summer or toning your body. Not everyone has 2hrs to spend at the gym everyday.

But we all need breaks, right? So, what is is a good rest period to have between sets? You could classify a rest period to short (30 seconds), long (2-3 minutes) and moderate (60-90 seconds). 
-A short rest period is ideal if your goal is building muscle, as tiring out your muscles through weight training is the key to building them! Did you know that?
-With a long rest period, the most effective way of utilizing this break is during power lifting. This will give your body a chance to restore your strength before the next set. 
-A moderate rest period is probably the most ideal for almost all workouts. A 60-90 second break is the perfect time to increase muscle insurance while growing them at the same time. 
Time flies a lot longer than 90 seconds when catching up on messages or social media! 

New to the gym and need longer breaks? No problem! Take as much time as you need to catch your breath while still pushing yourself the best you can. Once you start to increase your cardiovascular fitness, you’ll see that your body can handle a shorter rest. Build your cardio by maintaining up to 75% of your maximum heart rate during a 30 minute cardio workout. Give yourself an active break; walk on the spot as you sip your water and avoid reaching for your phone.

So, what are some tips to keep you focused and off your phone at the gym? 
Here are some of mine that I use to keep myself motivated and energized during my workouts:
-Music! Prepare a playlist in advance to help you be pumped during training. What gets you the most energized? My go to is electronic music. I love to listen to progressive trance, it gets me going! 
-Turn notifications on “OFF” for social media. Better yet, put your phone on “Do not disturb” or airplane mode. If your like me, your obsessed with replying to messages right away… and we all know we will end up having a full on conversations through text. Plus, imagine how satisfying it’ll be to turn on notifications and see your phone blow up with messages! 
-Meditate and reflect. I enjoy using my time at the gym to reflect on my day or think about.. well, anything! It’ll help to ease some of the stress you had that day and let you relax later. This is especially great when you are feeling angry or excited. Use that energy into your workout.

I hope these tips help you stay motivated during your workouts! Do you have any additional tips that work for you? Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Absolutely great! I never thought about my breathing, heart rate, or break time during weight lifting as a fitness goal, but it makes a lot of sense for burning calories and getting in shape. I definitely get distracted by my phone when at the gym, but will for sure be giving the do not disturb tip a try. Thanks!

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